Co-Curricula Activities

Co-Curricula Activities

Effective International College is distinguished for academic excellence; and yet, the school's educational mission is not purely, or merely, academic. That is, Effective International College has broad objectives for the development of its Students: some of those objectives are fostered by the academic programme, but many of those objectives are fostered only outside the classroom, through the school's co-curricular activities. The co-curricular activity, then, is by no means superfluous; it is an important and integral part of Effective International College.

In the first place, most of the activities are, by their nature, collaborative - students are encouraged to work together within the context of the activity. Moreover, many co-curricular activities - for example, drama club, and the literary club - are directed towards service of the school community.

Secondly, the co-curricular programme provides incomparable opportunities for social contact and for forming friendships. Because our club groups consist of members drawn from different class sections, year groups and houses, they encourage students to work together, thus enabling them form good relationships with other students. Moreover, co-curricular activities also allow for regular and informal contact between students and teachers.

Thirdly, many co-curricular activities, both competitive and non-competitive, allow Effective International College students to form social relationships with students from other schools. It is only via the co-curricular programme that Effective International College students have regular contact with students from other schools.

Summarily, Effective International College belives that a student's participation in co-curricular activities is an essential part of the EIC experience. Every faculty member is associated formally with a co-curricular activity. In this context, it should be noted that the school does not think that academic success and extracurricular involvement are incompatible, or that co-curricular activities are suitable only for "superior" students.

Below is a list of Clubs and Societies fully operational in Effective International College;

Literary and Debating Club

Students are trained in Creative writing, Public Oratory and Mass Communication. Most of their creative writings are based on topical issues that are published regularly.

Young Farmers Club

It caters for the students craving for agriculture. The school demostration farm produces maize for the entire school community.

Press Club

The Power of the press cannot be underrated anywhere in the world. It has often been said that "the pen is mightier than the sword". This saying is true. The Press Club aims at teaching the students how to report events objectively and scientifically.

Drama Club

Since life itself is a drama, the Drama Club is set to serve as an agency of moral propagation. The norms and values of the African Society that has been hitherto thrown into the trash bin is being resuscitated by the Effective International College's Drama Club.

Jets Club

The Effective International College Jets Club had remained a center for innovation and invention. Recently a Solar Cooker was constructed by the club. Alot of other projects are on ground which are yet to be executed. Some include * Production of Bleaching Agent,** Production of Paint e.t.c


At Effective International College, a major point of interest is the moral upbringing of our students. The Schools FCS is founded on spiritual growth. The Club meets every Friday by 1:00 pm.