Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct.....

(1) Punctuality/ Truancy

(a) All Student must resume to school latest by Eight O'clock a.m
(b) No student should without permission, leave the premises during school hours.
(c) All school functions must be attended to in good time

(2) Dress Code

(a) Students must wear appropriate and complete school outfits during school functions.
(b) Students must appear in school wears during weekend or extra lessons sessions

(3) Behaviour

(a) Fighting is prohibited .
(b) No eating or chewing during lessons is allowed
(c) No student must bring GSM handset to school
(d) The wearing of Accessories e.g Bangles, Necklaces is prohibited
(e) Stealing is prohibited
(f) No student must be found in possession of immoral/ indecent materials e.g pornography

(4) Laboratory/Library Use

(a) Laboratory and library materials must be handled carefully.
(b) No student must be found in the laboratory/library at inappropriate hours
(c) Horseplay is forbidden
(d) No student should undertake any experiment without teacher supervision, unassisted experiment in the laboratory is not allowed.
(e) Eating or drinking is not allowed in the laboratory.
(f) Students should avoid running around or playing in the laboratory.
(g) Brakeage of any glassware must be replaced by the student concerned.
(h) Any accident or damages must be reported to the HOD (Science).

(5) Computer Room Use

(a) Appliances in the computer room must be handled carefully.
(b) No Student is allowed in the computer room without the supervision of a Teacher/Instructor. 
(c) All students are expected to pay a compulsory computer fee terminally before access is granted into the computer room.