Laurels & Awards

Laurels & Awards

2012 - 2013 Session

Effective International College exhibited an outstanding performance in 2013 Nigeria mathematics and sciences Olympiads Kwara State.

(a) Shuaib Abdulqudus SS2 emerged first position in Chemistry and he was awarded Gold medal with a plaque.

(b) Olowojolu Ashley SS1 emerged 3rd in Biology and was awarded a bronze medal.

(c) Owolabi Ramat JSS3 emerged 3rd in Informatics and she was awarded bronze medal.She is among the 22 students invited for National Final training and selection for International edition at the National mathematical centre Abuja. Saka Amidat emerged 4th in Biology,Gambari fadilat Jss2 was 5th in junior science, Adeyemo Gabriel, Edward Anne, Adekola Mariam were among the best ten in their respective subjects

(d) Shuaib Abdulqudus SS2 emerged as a gold medalist In IJSO(Battle of the Brains)at the CGS-National science Odyseey Abuja 2013

(e) Effective International College for the outstanding performance in the State Final of NNPC Quiz Competition 2013. Shuaib Abdulqudus SS2 emerged as Winner and Adeyemo Gabriel SS2 emerged as 2nd runner up. The Two Students will represent Kwara State in the Zonal Final.

Durontoye Suleiman JSS3 emerged 1st in the Cowbell Mathematics Competition Junior Category 2013, Kwara State and Shuaib Abdulqudus SS2 emerged as 3rd in the Cowbell Mathematics Competition Senior Category 2013 Kwara State.

2011 - 2012 Session

(a)Akinpelu Sharon emerged as the overall winner of 2012 Nigeria Society of Engineers (Kwara State) JETS essay competition held at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School Ilorin on 30th March 2012.

(b) Mohammed Kawu SS2b, Lawa-Rabana Femi SS1b ,and Edward Anne JSS 3b emerged as the winner of the quiz competition organized by National Museums and Monuments(NCMM) held at the National Museum Ilorin, Kwara state on 18th May 2012.

(c) Olowojolu Damilola SS2a emerged 1st in kwara state in the National Biology Olympiads 2012 held on 13th March 2012 at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School Ilorin, kwara State. She was the only Candidate that was invited for training from kwara state at the National Mathematical Centre Abuja.

(d) Okunola Toluwani JSS 3a came first at the National Secondary School Mathematics competition (Cowbell competition) 2012 Kwara state Junior Category and Olowojolu Ashley Jss 3a came 3rd in the same competition.

(e) Olowojolu Damilola emerged as the 1st runner up at the TREM spelling bee competition organized by Trem at the TREM centre Tanke ilorin on 26th May, 2012.

2010 - 2011 Session

(a) Abdulqudus Shuaib of Effective International College emerged Kwara State overall best in Cowbell National Secondary School Mathematics Competition 2011 [Junior Category]

(b) Adeyeye Temitayo won Gold in Biology Olympiad, Kwara State.

(c) Olowojolu Ashley won Gold in Informatics Olympiad, Kwara State .

(d) Raji Nimat won Silver in Intergrated Science, Junior Science Olympiad, Kwara State

(e) Raji Nimah won Bronze in Informatics Olympiad, Kwara State.

(f) Asemota Odus, Ajewole Ademola and Akinremi Damilola had an outstanding performace a written essay and oral defence of 'biodiversity is life' an event organised by an NGO(Organisation for Sustainable Nigeria Environment).

Asemota emerged winner and she was presented a New Laptop and a Plague.

(g) Akinremi was the first runner up and she was given #20,000.

(h) Ajewole Ademola emerged 2nd runner and he was given #10,000.


2009 - 2010 Session

(a) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 7th at the National Final of Chemical Society of Nigeria Competition Bauchi 2009

(b) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 1st in Biology in Kwara State at the Nigeria Mathematics & Sciences October 2009

(c) Bisola Babatunde emerged 1st in Biology and 2nd in Chemistry (SSS II Category) Kwara State Region of Nigeria Mathematics Olympiad October 2009

(d) Ajewole Ademola emerged 1st in Chemistry (SSS II Categoty) Kwara State Region of Nigeria Mathematics Olympiad October 2009, he represented the state in the zonal final in Plataeu State

(e) Abdulqudus Shuaib emerged first in Kwara state Junior Mathematics Olympiad 2009

(f) Adbulqudus Shuaib, Richard Olowe qualified for zonal final of Nigeria Mathematics and Sciences Olympiad in Jos, Plateau State December 2009

2008 - 2009 Session

(a) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 1st Runner-up Kwara State Region of the Nigeria Mathematics and Sciences Olympiad 2008 and she represented kwara state at the zonal stage of the competition in Minna Niger State 2008.

(b) Two Students of Effective International College were presented with certificate of distinction in Big Science Trio Competition and Australian Mathematics Competition 2008

(c) Effective emerged best in HACEY Club Competition 2008

(d) Aduramomilara Lasode won Gold medal at the National Final of International Junior Sciences Olympiad in April, Makurdi Benue State, She represented Nigeria at the World International Junior Science Olympiad Azerbijan 2009 where she won commendations.

(e) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 2nd in Biology, 4th in Chemistry and Physics at the National JETS Competition in May 2009 at Damaturu, Yobe State

(f) Aduramomilara Lasode was the best female student JETS 2009

(g) Aduramomilara Lasode represented Nigeria in an International Mathematics Competition in Durban, South Africa

(h) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 1st at the Kwara State Chemical Society of Nigeria Competion 2009

(i) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged best sudent in Biology at the National Final of National Biology Olympiad February 2009. She represented Nigeria at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO)Tsuthaba Japan July 2009

2007 - 2008 Session

(a) Bello Temitope Adesola emerged the 1st runner-up athe National Final of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) 2007 at Sokoto.

(b) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 2nd runner-up at the National Final of Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN) Quiz Competition Asaba 2007 Junior Category.

(c) Bello Temitope Adesola emerged the best student in Chemistry in Kwara State at the Nigerian Mathematics and Sciences Competition 2007

(d) Isioye Banji, Tosin Ayanda, Ajewole Ademola, Toluwawi Zainab and Aduramomilara Lasode qualified for the zonal final of 2007 Mathematics and Sciences Olympiad 2007 in lokoja Kogi State.

(e) Bello Temitope emerged the winner of Kwara State Junior Engineers Technical and Sciences Competition 2008

(f) Bello Temitope emerged winner of the UNESCO Science Competition in Abuja 2008

(g) Aduramomilara Lasode emerged 2nd runner-up in kwara state at the National Cowbell Mathematics Competition 2008